Established in1992, Sino CompositeCo., Ltd. (Sino Composite) started out providing dedicated equipment for the composites industry. In over 20 years, it has grown into an all-round enterprise that provides comprehensive solutions across fields including equipment, materials, planning and marketing.

Sino Composite's Core materials, Vacuum bag materials, Fiber-reinforced materials, Polymers, Mold release agents, Adhesives as well as various types of equipment and protective devices are widely used in industries including Wind energy, Aerospace, Rail transportation, Marine, Military Defense and other general applications. Hundreds of employees located at over 20 manufactures, sales and supply compounds in Europe, USA and Asia invested by Sino Composite provide services to thousands of global clients around the clock.

Sino Composite is shareholder or controlling shareholder to Maricell in Italy, Cobalsa in Ecuador, Sky Advanced Materials Ltd. in Hungary, Marex in the USA, TME and Isojet in France, KELE Fiber in Changzhou and its wholly–owned China Qingdao Core Material factory, laying an important foundation for its services.

From a spraying gun, a scroll of film, a barrel of resin, a piece of balsa to a landscape reaching beyond, Sino Composite perseveres in delivering progress. We care for our clients in the container metrology sector as well as a single order for a small part. We set our eyes in an ever-changing world as well as the remote areas where we shed our sweat to make them better.

For 20 years, Sino Composite believes in faith, progress, public welfare and talent. We extend our gratitude to the companionship of colleagues, the cooperation of suppliers, the trust of clients and the competition of peers. Together we benefit. Together we progress.

Vision beyond the sky and work down to the ground.

Here with take us further on.

Our partners and Suppliers
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